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The Most Popular Questions About Zerona Laser Answered

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The Most Popular Questions About Zerona Laser Answered

Zerona laser is probably the most popular treatments available to those looking to shed fat quickly from their bodies with results unlike any other. From regular people looking to slim problem areas in their bodies to Hollywood celebrities, Zerona laser has proven quite effective. With its popularity growing every year, it is good to know answers to the most popular questions people have about it.

How Does It Work?

Zerona laser uses low level laser technology to easily target problematic areas from outside the body. The lasers disrupt stubborn fat cells responsible for storing excess fat in the body causing the release of the fat, which is subsequently expelled by the body naturally.

When Was It Introduced?

Zerona laser treatments were introduced back in 2009 after over a decade of intensive research. It was initially rolled out in the United States and Canada soon followed. Once it received much acclaim for its effectiveness and benefits, an increasing number of clinics offering this treatment have been established in both countries.

Who Is The Best Candidate For The Treatment?

The ideal candidate for the treatment is a person who leads a healthy lifestyle but needs assistance in getting rid of stubborn fat, which is hard to eliminate even with regular exercise and good nutrition. They are often healthy people committed to the treatment schedule and good post-treatment habits.

Is It Safe For All?

Yes. Health Canada and the FDA have approved Zerona for effectiveness and safety. It is a noninvasive treatment for aesthetic use. However, the treatment is not recommended for patients with pacemakers and pregnant women. Zerona has no known side effects.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

To get the best results possible, it is recommended to have 6 to 12 regular treatments. For people with a Body Mass Index of over 30, a different treatment package is usually recommended. Proper consultations with physicians and technicians can offer a better idea of the ideal number of treatments.

How Long Before Results Are Visible?

Most of the Zerona laser users typically have visible results within 2 weeks of their initial treatment. Patients will experience noticeable toning and slimming around the target problem areas.

Is The Loss Of Fat Permanent?

Yes, the loss of fat in the target areas is permanent if the patient maintains proper weight. Everybody is reminded of the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It is always good to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly to maintain the benefits of treatment.

Should You Avoid Anything Between Treatments?

It is advisable to avoid alcohol and caffeine while undergoing treatment. Alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating and the body should remain properly hydrated before and after undergoing the procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Zerona Laser Treatment?

Zerona laser treatments are typically not covered by insurance. Treatments can qualify under self-directed health spending plans.

Final Thoughts

It is quite clear that the Zerona laser treatment is an excellent way to get rid of excess body fat. This article set out to answer questions commonly asked about Zerona laser treatments and has delivered on its promise.


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