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The perfect 3-in-1 treatment for common skin concerns like clogged pores and dry skin.

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The perfect 3-in-1 treatment for common skin concerns like clogged pores and dry skin.

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Experience DiamondGlow

The 3-in-1 Facial is Available at Our Denver Metro Area, Westminster, and Colorado Springs Locations

Diamond Glow facials go well beyond your traditional cosmetic service. This innovative 3-in-1, next-level resurfacing facial helps skin look bright, healthy, smooth, and more radiant after one treatment. The DiamondGlow combines 3 different skin treatments into one powerhouse facial. It exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with top-rated serums. Using a recessed diamond-tipped applicator, DiamondGlow delivers the ultimate in skin resurfacing. When you receive a Diamond Glow facial with Hollywood Body Laser Center at one of our convenient luxury facilities, you experience three treatments in one: exfoliation, extraction, and nourishment.

Contact Hollywood Body Laser Center to learn more about comprehensive treatment and discover how it can transform your skin after just one facial. Call us now at: 

Denver Metro (303) 800-1878 | Westminster (303) 872-7107 | Colorado Springs (719) 387-7150

Denver (303) 800-1878 |

Westminster (303) 872-7107 |

Colorado Springs (719) 387-7150

Benefits of DiamondGlow Technology

  • Optimum skin rejuvenation & resurfacing

  • Non-invasive skin treatment

  • Get smooth, glowing skin

  • Look more youthful after one treatment

  • Unclogs & shrinks pores

  • Removes oil & debris

  • Evens out your skin tone & texture

  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

  • Eliminates dull, dry complexions

  • Reduces dark spots, & sun damage

  • Repairs damage beneath the skin

  • Treats all skin types

How DiamondGlow Works

DiamondGlow treatments have one primary goal: skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. It uses advanced technology, providing 3 services in one facial:


The dermabrasion system exfoliates the skin using diamond tips–natural crushed diamonds in the wand’s tip.


The wand extracts impurities from the skin.


Finally, this treatment infuses the skin with nourishing, repairing serums.

DiamondGlow Facial: Step-by-Step

If you want to know what to expect during your DiamondGlow facial, read our step-by-step details:


The first step of DiamondGlow is exfoliation. During this step, the dermabrasion system is used. As mentioned, the DiamondGlow uses a patented diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate the skin gently.

During this step, the wand removes dead skin cells and eliminates bacteria buildup on the skin. Overall, the first step of the facial focuses on eliminating dull, dry, and congested skin.


Next, DiamondGlow focuses on extraction. This part of the treatment uses deep pore cleansing to exfoliate the skin, remove impurities, and remove oils and other debris, leaving behind ultra-soft, smooth, and clean skin.

In addition, the resurfacing therapies unclog pores. As a result, you will have skin that is more responsive to topical creams and serums.


Finally, the last step of the DiamondGlow experience uses pro-infusion serums to nourish the skin.

These serums contain some of the most nourishing ingredients and repair and protect the skin on a cellular level.

DiamondGlow Before and After*

Our DiamondGlow before and after images show how the skin transforms after this 3-in-1 facial. As you can see in the images below, each person achieves brighter skin that looks youthful, radiant, and healthy. In addition, the skin is smooth and clear of debris.

As always, individual experiences will vary per person.*

DiamondGlow Results*

DiamondGlow treatments are gentle and provide instant results. Most people report noticeable improvements in their skin after one treatment. Best of all, the results are progressive. This means that your skin will continue to improve on a cellular level as the serum infusion repairs damage and rejuvenates the skin. Best of all, minimal downtime is needed.

As always, results will vary per person.*

Potential Side Effects

DiamondGlow side effects are rare. The most common side effect after this treatment is a slight stinging sensation. Some people experience temporary redness and possible minimal swelling. Each side effect, if you experience them, is mild. They usually go away on their own within a few days.

DiamondGlow Facial FAQs

How long does a DiamondGlow facial last?*

DiamondGlow results continue working long after your treatment is over. The results tend to last for up to 8 weeks. During this period, you can enjoy 6-12 weeks of smoothness and skin perfection. As always, results vary per person.*

Who should not get a DiamondGlow facial?

You should not get DiamondGlow if you have compromised skin. In addition, if you are pregnant, lactating, or have medical conditions like allergies, you should let your provider know.

Does DiamondGlow reduce wrinkles?

DiamondGlow is a leading treatment that reduces the appearance of blemishes, scars, lines, and wrinkles. This 3-in-1 facial helps rejuvenate the skin, restoring your skin’s smooth texture.

Is DiamondGlow better than a chemical peel?

If you want to remove dead skin cells and small blemishes and rejuvenate the skin, DiamondGlow is the best choice. If you want to remove dead skin cells and reduce pimples, a chemical peel may be the better option. During your consultation with the experts at Hollywood Body Laser Center, you can help determine which treatment is best for your skin.

The DiamondGlow Experience at Hollywood Body Laser Center

DiamondGlow facials tend to last for about 30 minutes. Sessions are quick, convenient, comfortable, and require no downtime or recovery. Most people report they can resume daily activities as they usually do.

When you select Hollywood Body Laser Center for your DiamondGlow facial, you experience this incredible facial in one of our luxury facilities. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-grade services that achieve optimal skin resurfacing in the most comfortable environment possible.

Book Your DiamondGlow Facial Today

Ready to experience the DiamondGlow and achieve smooth, radiant, and healthy skin? Hollywood Body Laser Center can help. Call us now at one of our convenient Colorado locations to schedule your consultation and learn more.

Denver Metro (303) 800-1878 | Westminster (303) 872-7107 | Colorado Springs (719) 387-7150

Denver (303) 800-1878 |

Westminster (303) 872-7107 |

Colorado Springs (719) 387-7150


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"When you walk in this office you are greeted with friendly professional people. Kylie is a expert Coolsculpting technician. She is professional and makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Kylie. If you want to try Coolsculpting this is the place to go and Kylie is the lady you want to perform this awesome non invasive procedure. Thank you Kylie for making this experience so positive."
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"Kylie is the greatest. She loves what she does and it is proven through her work. I am 3 weeks post CoolSculpting and I can already see results!! With the guidance and service of Kylie, I cannot be happier with my decision to have CoolSculpting"
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"I decided to coolsculpt my stomach/flanks area after researching online. I was concerned as to how effective the procedure would be. I purchased two sessions per area. It's only been 4 to 8 weeks and I'm already pleased with the results of my first session (reduction in excess fat). I look forward to completing my second session which should further enhance my outcome. Kylie the CoolSculpting expert was excellent!"

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By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.* Reply “Stop” to opt out.

By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.* Reply “Stop” to opt out.


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