Hollywood Body Laser Center


Our mission at Hollywood Body Laser Center is to rejuvenate, strengthen, and build confidence in the body and mind.

Our story

The Hollywood Body Laser Center opened doors for business in June of 2006. We have been providing the greater Denver area with Laser Hair Removal, Fat Reduction and everything in between ever sense. At The Hollywood Body Laser Center, you’ll find a long list of services that can meet your needs all under one roof. How is that beneficial to you? We have the technology and skills to provide you with younger looking skin, weight and fat loss, detox services, protective products and much more. In other words, we have the tools to help you achieve all your skin and body goals. 

Three Beautiful Girls

Why choose us?

Many reasons. Let’s start with experience. Just to name a couple of our staff members for example Jeannie and Trenton have a combined tenure of 25 years in the industry and have been with us since the beginning. However, every one of our staff members has gone through vigorous training in order to perform their daily tasks. Ongoing training is a must as well. As laser and aesthetic equipment change so do techniques and products. We pride ourselves on staying on-top of the newest treatments and training while being proficient in what is the best treatment for each client. How about price? Our goal has been to provide the best results with the least amount of cost to our clients. We encourage everyone to shop around before having a consultation with us. We believe we can provide the service you need at a competitive or lower price without giving up the results.

About Us

Hollywood Body Laser Center provides a full body anti-aging experience with services that support our belief in striving to be the best version of ourselves. Our licensed professionals take great pride in providing custom treatment plans for each individual. Our central focus is in performing a well-rounded variety of aesthetic and medical treatments with your personal goals in mind. We will work with you to achieve a healthy mind and body, restore your skin’s youthful appearance, and provide you with the highest quality service in a comfortable environment. Let us take care of you. A free consultation allows our trained staff to provide a treatment plan customized for you based on your skin or body type with special attention to your individual needs and goals.