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At first, freezing away the extra fat in a few of hours may seem like an impossible task.  Simply an effective treatment with a lengthy history of successfully demonstrated outcomes—no gimmicks or pseudoscience.   It’s a contouring strategy, not a weight loss program. For regions like the abdomen, love handles, upper arm, knees, and chin that are challenging to target with exercise and diet. Here is all the information you require on fat freezing. CoolSculpting Colorado Springs



The process of CoolSculpting


The science behind cryolipolysis, which employs temperatures close to freezing to target and destroy fat cells in certain regions, is the foundation for CoolSculpting. The treatment region is raised and isolated using a suction-like movement so that the freezing of fat cells can continue without spreading to other places.  There is very little downtime, it takes around an hour, and it is non-invasive.


Is CoolSculpting a DIY procedure?


I’m sorry to disappoint DIY enthusiasts, but CoolSculpting is not a procedure that should be attempted at home. The CoolSculpting devices are designed to target and eliminate fat cells at precisely the optimum temperature without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue.  To attempt to achieve this ideal balance at home without running the risk of severe tissue damage (including frostbite) would be nearly difficult and even dangerous.

What can I anticipate from a therapy session?


You will have had a consultation before beginning your real treatment to go through your treatment goals and determine whether you are a good candidate. If you continue with the treatment, you can experience some numbness and little discomfort there. Depending on the region being treated, a session can last anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour, and your properly trained CoolSculpting medical expert will massage the treated area afterward. Before receiving a treatment, certain patients might need a medical clearance.

When can I anticipate seeing outcomes?


Within your treatment, you can notice results as soon as 6–8 weeks later, and the entire result should be visible within three months. Contact Hollywood Body Laser Center for more information and to book your FREE consultation. Check out our YouTube channel for more information. CoolSculpting Colorado Springs



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