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CoolSculpting Aurora

CoolSculpting Aurora

Consider which area(s) you’d like to address.
Prepare a list of treatment-related questions to ask your clinician. Don’t know what to ask? To get started, here’s a list of questions. Save your queries to your device.
To be eligible for CoolSculpting®, you must be 18 years old or older, have no disqualifying medical conditions, and want to get rid of stubborn fat in any of the 9 locations we treat. To learn more, speak with your service provider.

Discuss what areas you’d like to treat, your body contouring goals, and ask questions about treatment during your consultation.
Your provider will determine if you are a candidate for therapy and create a customized treatment plan for you.
The number of CoolSculpting® treatment sessions you’ll need to achieve your target result is included in your personalized treatment plan. A treatment session is when you visit your provider for a treatment appointment. Multiple CoolSculpting® treatments may be performed during each session. Many individuals will require two or more treatment sessions to achieve their body reshaping goals.
Your doctor will take clinical images of you before, during, and after treatment to help you keep track of your development.
Your physician will then draw a line around the region to be treated, apply a gel pad to establish a barrier between the applicator and your skin, and finally place the applicators on your body.
You’ll feel a light vacuum pressure and an acute chill when treatment begins. The area that is being treated will become temporarily numb after around 10 minutes.
Although everyone’s sensitivity to discomfort differs, the majority of patients do not find the treatment to be uncomfortable. Many people say they enjoy reading, catching up on email, watching TV shows, or even napping.

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