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Why Full Body Contouring Is Usually Needed After Bariatric Surgery

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Why Full Body Contouring Is Usually Needed After Bariatric Surgery

If your were to ask most people you’d soon learn that the average person isn’t really totally satisfied with their own body. In our culture, we’ve come to expect to look like the many thousands of stars on TV, the movies and in commercials. Unfortunately, most of these people get paid to work out at the gym daily, get body contouring and watch what they eat, and get surgery to stay looking good. Most regular people don’t have the time, money, or desire to do all of that just to look perfect. There are a few things that many of us can do to look a lot better without all of the extra work and expense, then if a little extra is needed, that wouldn’t hurt so much either.

Our Bodies Were Designed By Nature To Withstand The Famines

What a lot of people forget, or maybe they never knew, is that if you go back in our history, there were a lot of famines. Just in the age of many of our grandparents there were people starving to death right here in North America. There are still plenty of people that remember the depression, and that was just a short time ago in the history of man.

People that had metabolisms that burned through a lot of calories didn’t live through famines, they would have been the first to go. So all of those genes were eliminated and the people that stored up fat had plenty of extra months to wait until the next crops were harvested. Their children would also inherit the same genes so that’s one reason why, in this time of plenty of food, we have so many over weight people.

Now You Can Have Surgery To Reduce Your Efficiency

Those that were very efficient at storing fat in the past, would now be ridiculed for being obese. But, there is now a procedure, called bariatric surgery, that can stop the body from absorbing the food as it passes through the intestines. Really huge people then lose tons of weight, so much so, that they have huge rolls of skin literally hanging off of their bodies.

For these individuals the only real answer is body contouring surgery. This is where a surgeon makes incisions all around the abs, arms, legs and buttocks and begins re-sculpting the body to tighten up the skin. When finished, the body should look all tightened up, toned, in proportion and much more attractive.

It Won’t All Happen In One Surgery

For most people that have lost a lot of weight due to bariatric procedures it’s going to take several different operations to get the job done. The cosmetic surgeon will usually advise doing one area at a time in order to lessen the impact on the body. Since most of the surgery is only on the skin and underlying fat, there isn’t a lot of deep cuts being made. This makes recovery much quicker, just a few days to be back on their feet, but they still will need to avoid heavy lifting for up to a month.

While a full body contour may seem a little radical, there isn’t really any other way to reduce the large amount of skin and fat. The patient won’t be able to gain the weight back because of the bariatric procedure so there should be no worries about them becoming obese ever again.


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