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What is CoolSculpting? How does it work?

What is CoolSculpting


What is CoolSculpting? How does it work?  Professionals in the field claim that Zeltiq is backed by the science of Cryolipolysis, or in layman’s terms, the decomposition of fat caused by freezing. The theory is that the fat cells under the skin are less resilient to the cold and will die before any other surrounding cells do; thus, the skin is protected during the procedure. Up to 40% of unwanted fat can be removed in the treated area.
So when you ask yourself What Is CoolSculpting? How Does It Work? You need to contact the CoolSculpting experts at Hollywood Body Laser Center. The results of the procedure are not immediate since the frozen fat cells are processed by the body over a period of several weeks. Depending on the patient maintaining a regular routine of diet and exercise, the results can be amazing and, the results are permanent. Because the procedure can only freeze off existing fat, not prevent new fat cells from being stored, the long-term benefits of the procedure rests entirely with the individual.  Call For A Free Consultation or visit hollywoodbodylaser.net
Cosmetic surgeons do not recommend the procedure for patients who are significantly overweight and say that it does not replace a healthy active lifestyle as the primary means of weight loss. According to body contouring specialists, the best candidates are those that are 15-20 pounds overweight or a regular body weight who simply have a stubborn area of flab that will not go away despite diet and exercise. The procedure is most commonly used to freeze away undesirable fat around the stomach, chin, or back.
Compared to liposuction, the CoolSculpting procedure is much less invasive and requires a fraction of the time and cost. Patients opting for CoolSculpting can go back to their normal activities immediately following the procedure whereas the recovery time after liposuction can range from a few weeks or even months.
Patients opting for the CoolSculpting method can have the entire procedure completed in the doctor’s office within an hour with no anesthesia and minimal side effects such as soreness, redness, or bruising. Patients also report some mild pain and a tugging sensation caused by the cold clamps. This discomfort usually subsides as the area becomes numb due to the cold.
The procedure can be repeated as necessary, but patients must wait at least 60 days before a new treatment can be administered.
CoolSculpting at the Hollywood body Laser Center is backed by a guarantee! They stand behind the product and your results. Call 303-872-8887 for more information, to schedule a complimentary consultation, or visit Click Here
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