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The Essential Guide To Body Sculpting Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, And Cost

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The Essential Guide To Body Sculpting Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, And Cost

After undergoing bariatric surgery, such as insertion of a gastric band or stomach stapling, the patient is left with a large amount of excess skin. While the unwanted weight has been lost, the excess skin remains and will actually add to the individual’s current weight. The skin is considered excess due to the fact that it was skin surrounding the extreme weight which was lost using the bariatric surgery. You may wonder why skin would be excess if weight was lost, many people go on diets and do not have excess skin. The fact is, the skin was stretched to such an extent that it no longer has elasticity and will hang around the individual irrespective of their size. The best way to manage this problem is through the surgical procedure of body sculpting or body contouring.

What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting or body contouring is a procedure whereby the patient undergoes a removal of the excess fat and skin on the body. Typically, the surgeon will remove skin from the abdomen and thighs; however, skin and fat can also be removed from arms, buttocks, and hips. The aim is to shape the body to make the individual look toned, trim, and more aesthetically balanced. This has become quite a common surgical procedure presenting with very positive results.

What Are The Different Types Of Body Sculpting Procedures?

1. A Body Lift

The type of body contouring surgery completed is entirely dependent on the procedure. An individual opting for a procedure with immediate results would benefit from a body lift. The body lift tightens all areas with loose skin in approximately three surgeries and is highly beneficial for patients who have more than one or two problem areas. Ideally, the patient should wait at least three months before having the bariatric surgery and undergoing body sculpting. While a body lift provides almost immediate results with the recovery period being a few days, it is important that all strenuous activity is avoided for at least one month.

2. A Breast Lift

The breast lift is a body sculpting strategy that removes excess fat and skin from above, below, and around the breast. You will usually need a breast augmentation surgeon and during this procedure, the breast is contoured to create a more “natural” and youthful appearance. In all these procedures, particularly the breast lift where large amounts of skin and fat are removed, the nipple will need to be moved for a better centering on the breast itself. This procedure is often conducted as a cosmetic surgery after bariatric surgery or after breast reduction. The recovery time is very short and a patient can generally return to everyday functioning within two days. Whether you are considering this procedure for whatever reason, the idea of looking into finding specialists who perform Breast Lift in Philadelphia or even Breast Lift in London (depending on where you live) can make all the difference in getting the results you are after. When it comes to surgery in general, knowing everything before you go into it can benefit you in the long run.

3. An Abdominal Etching

One of the largest aspects of body contouring is the removal of excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. The abdominal etching procedure removes stubborn fat from the abdomen resulting in a tighter area exposing the abdomen underneath. The recovery period for this procedure is slightly longer than the breast lift or body lift and patients must refrain from strenuous activity for a minimum of three weeks. In addition, the surgeon may request the individual to wear a surgical guard around the abdomen for at least six weeks.

What Is The Price?

Price will vary according to the procedure making the cost of each procedure difficult to describe. To determine the cost, it is recommended that you contact the surgeon directly.


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