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CoolSculpting Denver

CoolSculpting Denver

CoolSculpting Denver

How many people are interested in CoolSculpting Denver? The prospect of removing fat without surgery? I can’t tell you.  When individuals learn about CoolSculpting, they frequently ask me a variety of questions and concerns. The interaction usually concludes with my offering a short consultation regarding their particular problem area.


If you’re unsure if CoolSculpting is correct for you, you’re not the only one.  There have been over 4 million CoolSculpting procedures.


So, below are some often asked questions and the responses I would give you as a friend.


Does it work?


Yes, it does.  in numerous studies.  Every day in my office, I observe it in action.


Who may receive care?


You qualify if you have pinchable fat. You are the best prospect if you are within 10 to 20 pounds of your target body weight, eat mainly healthy, and work out a few times per week.  Skin tightening is another area where CoolSculpting is excelling.


What is CryoLipo?


Fat reduction using Coolsculpting is non-surgical.  In essence, Coolsculpting involves freezing away excess fat.  Cryolypolisis, which meaning cell death by extreme cold, is the medical term for CoolSculpting. To briefly summarize this amazing process:


Step 1: Applying the applicator to the undesired subcutaneous fat area


Step 2: The applicator extracts heat energy to offer controlled cooling to fat cells.


Step 3: Because far cooler temperatures would be needed to irreparably destroy these tissues, the nearby skin, muscle, and nerves remain safe.


Step 4: Fat cells naturally decompose, and then inflammatory cells invade and consume the leftover fat cells.


Step 5: Through the lymphatic system, your body expel the lipids from the fat cells.


Step 6: After around 12 weeks, you notice and experience a reduction in fat in the treated area of 25% each session.


The effects last forever… despite gaining weight


Fat cells are permanently eliminated with CoolSculpting. New fat cells are not produced by the body.  The already present fat cells grow as you put on weight. These fat cells reduce in size when you lose weight. If you put on enough weight, the cells near the area you had CoolSculpting done to expand and mask your results.  You will, however, be able to see the CoolSculpting results once you reduce the weight.


Why is it priced so high?


You would be mistaken if you believed that you could remove fat permanently for under $100, avoid surgery and recovery time, and receive results that are comparable to liposuction.  You are paying for the comfort, cutting-edge technology, FDA certification, supply and demand, etc. The competition for CoolSculpting is nonexistent.  The maker of CoolSculpting, Zeltiq, presently holds a patent on the fat-freezing technology that will last for about ten years.


Why are there so many applicators? Why am I unable to use just one applicator?


If you have ever had a consultation, you are aware that we utilize different-sized templates to establish how many applicators are necessary to treat the area, and that the number is almost always greater than


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CoolSculpting Denver



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