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What Fat Reduction Method Is Most Effective?

You naturally want the procedure that would produce the best outcomes when you decide to undergo body sculpting. It can be challenging to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the various fat reduction therapies that are available. In other words, the optimal answer is the one that best meets your individual demands. You can determine what sounds like a suitable fit by knowing more about how the most well-liked therapy alternatives operate. We have three locations all across Colorado, including our CoolSculpting Colorado Springs, Hollywood Body Laser Center location.


Options for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Because it provides efficient outcomes for a variety of treatment regions, CoolSculpting is the most popular noninvasive fat removal procedure. To selectively reduce the temperature of fat cells to their freezing point during this operation, controlled freezing is used. The body eventually eliminates the damaged cells after they have been harmed. Other tissues are unaffected by the treatment since they have a lower freezing point. The abdomen, sides, flanks, thighs, buttocks, arms, area under the chin, and back are all suitable treatment areas.


The ideal candidate is someone, who is close to achieving their ideal weight but is having trouble with localized pockets of resistant fat.

The therapy is comfortable since the treatment region numbs; there is little to no downtime; major side effects are incredibly rare; and the treatment permanently eliminates fat cells. Pros – Up to 25% fat reduction each treatment; benefits noticeable after one month; totally visible results after 2-3 months.

Cons – Patients must be within reach of their desired weight to be a viable candidate; multiple consultations are normally necessary to obtain excellent outcomes (more fat reduction will be achieved with later treatments).




An injectable called Kybella is used to treat double chins or submental fullness. Deoxycholic acid, the medication’s main ingredient, breaks down fat cells to enable the body to metabolize and eliminate them. Direct injections of Kybella are made into the submental fat.


The ideal applicant has persistent fat at the top of the neck and below the chin.

Pros – There is little to no downtime during treatment, and it is comfortable. Serious side effects are uncommon, and treatment permanently eliminates fat cells so that they won’t grow back.

Cons: For the best outcomes, a series of treatments is required, often 2-4 treatments spaced one month apart.


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