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5 Ways To Get your Body Contouring Done Right!

Stop being frustrated by your stubborn fat areas — and start getting ready to lose it with the following five steps:

1. Water! –  When it comes to losing fat, water can be your best weapon. Not only does it keep you properly hydrated and flush out the toxins, it also helps control your appetite, regulate your blood glucose level, stem potential sugar cravings and let your brain focus on matters other than food.

2. Sleep is super important! – Not only for your mental alertness, but also for your physical well-being. And that includes your fat areas. When you don’t give you body enough sleep your body becomes stressed and its reaction is to produce the hormone cortisol. Excess cortisol in your system will cause your body to store fat. One of the best ways to ensure that your body is not physically or mentally stressed is to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

3. H.I.I.T –  Studies have shown that the best way to get your body to burn excess fat is by doing quick bursts of high-intensity exercise. There’s even an easy-to-remember acronym for it: H.I.I.T. (high-intensity interval training). Instead of just moving through long, slow, steady sessions of cardio, H.I.I.T. means that you do several brief (15-30 seconds) bursts of all-out effort. Then, you catch your breath, recover as you continue exercising at a moderate pace, and then do another burst. 

4. Cheat Meals and Treats – Not all calories are created equal. In terms of nutritional value or the effect they have on your body’s system. Processed foods are full of additives, preservatives, chemicals and artificial sugars, all of which help to keep your midsection not only unhealthy but stores fat so that you have that large pouch that seems to keep growing. Try to eat only whole foods, i.e., fresh vegetables, fruits and grains, and lean proteins fish, turkey, chicken, the occasional beef. with a treat or two or what we like to call a “cheat” meal. The best way to have a healthy diet is to eat clean 90 % of the time. Do you cheat meals and treats only 10 % of the time and you will see the difference.  I know at first this is hard but soon you will not even want those cheat meals and treats.

5. Consider CoolSculpting® Coolsculpting is an FDA Approved, non-invasive fat reducing treatment that literally freezes away your fat! There is no downtime or surgery involved and it has now become one of the top non-invasive fat reduction procedures worldwide. During the in-office procedure, applicators are attached to fatty bulges and then they are painlessly cooled and are removed over a period of time.





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