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CoolSculpting Lone Tree

CoolSculpting Lone Tree


CoolSculpting  can help you achieve your ideal body.  CoolSculpting Lone Tree

CoolSculpting  is a new and improved CoolSculpting technology that targets more regions at once and boosts your outcomes. Patients who use CoolSculpting benefit from 18 percent more coverage thanks to the specially developed applicators.

Each device with technology has two applicators, allowing for greater contact and better outcomes, as well as a shorter and more comfortable treatment. Treatments for two regions might take as little as 35 minutes.

You will not only receive better care from CoolSculpting, but you will also receive greater benefits from Alle! This is an Allergan rewards program that may be used on any of their products. During your consultation with us, we will inform you of the points and awards that you are eligible for.

What Is CoolSculpting and How Does It Work?
At a temperature of about 9 degrees, this cooling technology securely targets and freezes fat cells.

After gently pulling the fatty tissue into the applicator cup, the applicator will apply the freezing. The tissue becomes numb and quite comfortable within a few minutes.

These treatments can last anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes and will remove about 25% of the fat cells. Our physical massage, which is given for 2-3 minutes following your treatment, further damages the crystalized fat cells. According to studies, patients get a 60 percent better effect from the message.

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