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CoolSculpting Castle Pines

CoolSculpting Castle Pines


Any patients will meet with our technician for a complimentary consultation before to this procedure to ensure that all questions are fully answered, in keeping with our patient-centered approach to care. CoolSculpting Castle Pines. After that, our technician will devise a treatment strategy. You will be told whether alternative therapies are more suited because you are being tested at Hollywood Body Laser Center.

A specific treatment plan will be created for you at your initial visit. A recommended treatment plan with the number of cycles required will be presented based on your specific situation. After that, you can adjust the cycles to fit your specific schedule. Each cycle will take around an hour, so keep that in mind as your minimal time commitment. Cycles can be staged so that you can time your treatments accordingly if you just have one hour available every few days.

After each cycle, you should expect to see benefits in two to four months.

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